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I am currently undertaking a doctorate through Durham University involving a literary and theological reading of the Flood Narratives in Gen 6-9. Here you will find auxiliary material to my study and and an eclectic mix of links.  Completion Date: 2011?
This page contains links relating to ancient and modern languages resources and bible versions for Biblical Studies

Language Aids for Biblical Study

Being a Student.Biblical Study.Noah and the Flood.My Writings.
Early Bible Translations and Versions
The Septuagint Online - links to the Septuagint (Greek) and see NETS
The Peshitta - Aramaic with interlinear English
The Vulgate - 'Jerome's' Latin Vulgate with translation or try Sacred Bible
The Samaritan Pentateuch - a facsimile of the Hebrew of the SP from Töpelmann, 1918
Various manuscripts can be found on the Ebind Index  mostly NT stuff but it has Sinaiticus,  Origen's Hexapla, the SP and more.
The Christian Classics Ethereal Library has some facsimiles e.g. of Swete
The Unbound Bible allows parallel viewing and has the main ancient texts
Hebrew Versions and Jewish Writings
Tanach is an online copy of the Hebrew Text of the Leningrad Codex as maintained by the Westminster Hebrew Institute. It has Documentary Hypothesis Markings
Hebrew Readers Bible John Dyer has a Hebrew Reading Bible - BHS with Strong's defns and BDB in popups. It starts with Romans but over type with any reference e.g. "Genesis 9:1-5". It may not work with IE but does with Firefox.
Ancient Language Tools for Translation
Perseus Greek Tools for Greek translation work
Learn Hebrew at Biblia Hebraica a site by D Wallace using Kelley's textbook.
Listen to the Hebrew Bible read at Hebrew Audio-bible or at (Pekka Pitkänen) or at
Perseus Latin Tools for Latin translation work
Ancient Texts
ANE texts from Sacred Texts
Modern Language Tools for Translation
For modern translation work try Langenberg Language Translation, Babelfish and LEC always good for a laugh and just occasionally solves a tricky translation
Forget the struggles contact my friend Erika Baker at Words4you for professional Biblical and Theological Translations at reasonable prices.  Otherwise consult:
Leo German Dictionary  where would I be without this German dictionary? ranks alongside Leo and can be better, though less eye candy.
Gary Smith's German Grammar is a helpful grammar site
Canoo will parse every verb for you and give you grammar explanations -invaluable
German Abbreviations are a real stumbling block, this helps.
French for a good French dictionary but I've not found anything of the quality of Leo and
SBL Font Foundation for SBL's free unicode fonts generally
SIL Ezra Hebrew Font for SIL's free Hebrew unicode font
Linguist's Software are the fonts I use, excellent but pricey