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Noah and the Flood

I am currently undertaking a doctorate through Durham University involving a literary and theological reading of the Flood Narratives in Gen 6-9. Here you will find auxiliary material to my study and and an eclectic mix of links.  Completion Date: 2011?
This page contains links, images and papers relating to the Flood Narrative.
Other (and older) Ancient Near East Flood Stories
General Links
The Babylonian Gateway contains translations of many ancient myths
The Gilgamesh Epic
The Babylonian Story of the Deluge and the Epic of Gilgamesh by Wallis Budge
The Gilgamesh  a handout from George Aichele's web site. Link broken Jan 09
The Atrahasis Epic - overview from M Webster Grand Valley State University
Sumerian/ Eridu Genesis
Eridu Genesis some extracts from the Torkild Jacobsen translation
Still looking for a site
Comparisons of the Tales This articles on ancient history site has details from each story and a comparison chart.
Interpretations of the Flood Narrative
Sites that retell and reinterpret the story  for today
Interpretations through history  (Reception history)
I hope to find some links soon.
Jewish Midrash and Interpretations
The Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg 1925
Texts of Judaism by Internet Sacred Texts including Talmud and Midrash
Rashi  and the Tanach supplied by Judaica Press
Historical Critical Study
General Links
Source Critical Divisions
The Flood Story in J and P as an example of the documentary hypothesis
Tanach separated according to the Documentary Hypothesis according to Richard Elliott Friedman's book, Who Wrote the Bible (Second Edition). The text is Hebrew. You need to turn the marking on at the right (DH)
Theology in the Flood Narrative
Theology in the Flood Narratives

Off-line Resources, Recommended Books etc.
From over 1000 books, articles etc in my bibliography database:
My Genesis Commentary Recommendations. (pdf file) comments not yet complete.
My Flood Narrative Reading List Recommendations (pdf file) Not yet available
Book Reviews
Review of Biblical Literature a growing set of detailed book reviews by SBL