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Biblical Study Aids

I am currently undertaking a doctorate through Durham University involving a literary and theological reading of the Flood Narratives in Gen 6-9. Here you will find auxiliary material to my study and and an eclectic mix of links.  Completion Date: 2011?
This page contains links, images and papers relating to Biblical Study Aids
Historical Critical Studies
BibleDudes - a fun,  cornic, but good introduction to the various biblical criticisms.
Biblica is available free online to read back to 1990.
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures is a free peer-reviewed online Journal
Journal Abbreviations are another source of frustration. This site helps.
Online Bibles
English Bibles available at Biblegateway, or for rare online NRSV at Oremus.
Hebrew Bibles Westminster Leningrad Codex with J E D P according to Friedman or Judaica Press Hebrew/English with Rashi Commentary
Hebrew Audio Bibles from Academy of Ancient Languages or Zalag’s version
Online Commentaries
ICC Commentaries -old and out of copyright but scholarly and worth a look
Online Encyclopaedias
There's always Wikipedia if you're careful!
Or old but still useful the Catholic and Jewish Encyclopaedias
General Links
If you can't find what you need here try these General Links
Tyndale House Online Biblical Study Resources
Hebrew Bible Links (ex-WEMTC).