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Personal Writings

I am currently undertaking a doctorate through Durham University involving a literary and theological reading of the Flood Narratives in Gen 6-9. Here you will find auxiliary material to my study and and an eclectic mix of links.  Completion Date: 2011?
This page contains my own draft writings in more or less incomplete states.
Please note for copyright and future publication rights only first, uncorrected drafts are placed on the web. If you wish to cite any of these article or use them for study purposes please contact me for the latest versions and copyright.

The Flood Story as a Creation Story

This first paper explores the inter connections between the creation accounts in Genesis 1-2 and the flood story in Genesis 6-9 and argues against an un-creation/ re-creation pattern in favour of a continuing creation purpose. It became a paper delivered at ISBL in July 2009.

Genesis 8:21 - Never, Never Again

This second set of papers explores the two Never Again clauses in Genesis 8:21. What exactly is God deciding never to do again?

Genesis 5:29 - It’s all in the name

This paper explores the significance of Genesis 5:29, Lamech's naming of Noah as a anticipation of plot for the whole narrative. It became a paper delivered in various forms at the Durham OT Seminar (Dec 09) and SOTS (Jul 10)

Genesis 6:14-16 - You shall make it... But what?

This paper explores the enigmatic and allusive instructions to make the ark in 6:14-16. Far from a set of practical instructions the commands are poetic with many allusions to the temple.

Elephants and Kangaroos

This paper explores whether there is any rhyme or reason to the constantly changing list of creatures that are saved by the ark..



The following contain research and word studies on topics relevant to the flood but have not yet found their way into a full paper.

Water, water everywhere

A study of the waters as a character in the flood - their rise and fall.

Land ahoy

Land and soil are key characters in the flood story. This study explores the references to them and their significance

Time and Time again

The Flood story is full of dates and time periods, yet, as has often been noted, they simply don't add up. This explores various attempts to reconcile the dates.

Ancient Flood Stories

The Genesis Flood story has many striking resemblances to the Mesopotamian Flood Stories of Gilgamesh and Atrahasis. This explores the similarities and differences.

Historical Critical Studies

Genesis 6-9 has always played a key part in source criticism  with its apparently clear amalgamation of P and non-P (J)  sources despite structural critics claims of unity. This page deals with these issues.


All PhD’s owe acknowledgements.


With heartfelt thanks to Erika, Fred, Arthur, Wayne, Francis, Jane and Janet, without whom nothing would ever be written.